Our Mission

We connect to cooperate and build. We look back to understand the present and to enable and transform the way people communicate with systems.

Our Vision

We believe in the tomorrow we create today. Our collective power and insight are revolutionizing our customer’s journey through the supply chain.

What We Stand For


Standards enable us to communicate; they drive learning and make comparison possible. That doesn’t mean we foster a rigid and intrusive culture. It simply means that we express our creativity and individuality through a standard medium.


Negativity kills. Thoughts are things! We always approach issues in an optimistic way and believe that nothing can stop us from achieving our goals.


We listen. We want to see the world through your eyes.


We love Mondays! At work, we make friends and take pride in working with brilliant and likable colleagues while still getting home in time for dinner.


We value insight and believe that other people should as well.


Our vision and shared purpose drive collaboration and enable us to deliver substantial business value.


We embrace continuous learning. We don’t instruct – we coach, support and encourage instead.


We love what we do. It means the world to us to work hard at work worth doing.