Hello! We are Sophicle

About Us


Lavinia Tomescu, LCB, Founder

Sophicle is the modern solution to logistics problems around the world. We are a strong, yet human, company that embraces discipline, productivity and focus.

Through this approach, we build efficiency, visibility and responsiveness into our clients’ supply chains.

Above all, Sophicle stands for wisdom – the core of every successful mechanism. The value we place on wisdom is evident throughout our brand, from our name to the griffin in our logo. By relying on the wisdom that comes from experience, we help our clients get the most out of their technology investments.

Hello! My name is Lavinia Tomescu, and I’m the founder of Sophicle.
I started Sophicle in 2016 to help customers drive a new wave of productivity by integrating financial and business processes and enabling greater collaboration. From operations and transportation to customs and accounting, the supply chain is getting more creative as technology continues to change how we think and do everyday things.

I was born and raised in Romania, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in economics. I moved to the United States in 2006 and started my logistics career, working for some of the world’s largest and most respected freight forwarders. That experience sparked my fascination with logistics and the challenges that vary by industry, geography and business strategy. My goal is to help companies solve their biggest logistics challenges by creating a strong, process-based foundation for them to build on.